The American left a coma for an hour before the planned shutdown of life support systemsThe 21-year-old student of university Sam Schmidt from the State of Arizona has hard suffered during accident in October, 2011. Doctors did not manage to deduce it from a coma. Soon at it verified death of a brain.

In the middle of December to relatives of the hopeless patient have suggested to sign a consent to withdrawal of its internal for the donor purposes. But for an hour until when the young man should disconnect from the devices which are artificially supporting the main functions of an organism, there was a real miracle.

Unexpectedly Sam has stirred fingers of hands, and then has recovered the consciousness and has started talking. Doctors cannot explain this phenomenon, but estimate a state of his health as satisfactory.

«I feel well, though still in a wheelchair, this real Christmas miracle!» - Sam Schmidt in interview to ABC TV channel has declared. Doctors do not exclude possibility to write out the happy patient home for New Year's holidays, and after to continue supervision over its health.


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