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«Hello! My name is Olga. I am 51 years old. I am a teacher in college. Work washing it is not connected with medicine.

At me варикоз and osteosinging. All, of course, have ideas of these diseases.

A year ago I have decided to change the way of life. I have started to run in the mornings within 30 minutes, and after run to have a shower bath cold water. If you knew, what this pleasure after slightly hot shower to have a shower bath cold water!

As my bath small, me to have to build the "Magic" pyramid of six 20-litre buckets. It is a cheerfulness charge for the whole day.

Certainly, to start to have a shower bath it is necessary gradually. but the main thing not to throw, and never to despair! Still I advise to you to visit the pool. Remember is not a whim is your way of life!

I wish all good luck!»


«The healthy lifestyle assumes healthy nutrition, physical activity, high-grade rest and many other things. Therefore the person, wishing to keep beauty, should adhere to the correct day regimen with regular alternation of work and rest, with a sufficient dream on duration and with active stay in the open air. And health I care of the simply, the main thing - refusal of addictions, pure water, air and a healthy sleep!

I remember, about a year ago, at me problems with health, the main problem - excess weight have started to appear. I have decided to be engaged in the health seriously.

I have reconsidered the food. Abuse sweet, flour, fat, fried, absence of the schedule and sports, have had an effect on my figure including on health as the weight pressed on me be healthy.

I have reduced to a minimum products from the "abused" list, i.e. I indulged myself any "harmful" delicacies, but did not overeat. Tried to diversify the food so that was and it is useful, and it is tasty. Ate more vegetables and fruit, dried fruits, nuts, bean, grain etc.

As I have decided to go in for sports. Visited both a gym and the pool. But it became quickly boring for me, it was necessary to throw and think up everything alternative. Has replaced with exercises of the house and long walks. I did exercises for feet and a stomach (about 20-25 mines left).

Results have not kept itself waiting long, the weight slowly decreased. To me it became much easier and in physical, and morally.

Still I have ceased to drink water from under the crane (earlier only such and drank). Now I drink only the filtered water. And by the way, when I began to drink about 1,5 litres of water a day (nearly 2 weeks), the condition of skin has improved, as before at me the beginning skin is very much shelled.

Now I am happy with everything =)»


«To the ninth class I very often was ill. I do not know, with what it has been connected, but ORVI pursued me everywhere and everywhere. And once, when at school have started to teach human biology (anatomy and physiology), I began to be interested in the mechanism of emergence of a disease strenuously. I have drawn a conclusion that people fall ill in connection with organism overcooling. Has frozen on the street - has caught a cold, has drunk cold milk - quinsy. Why? Having shovelled textbooks of my parents which those used in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION (they are doctors both), I have put forward the following hypothesis - in the cold environment bacteria develop! I have explained these quinsy. Without having enough knowledge, I have solved, as the mechanism of all other catarrhal diseases is similar to quinsy.

Farther I have made really ingenious (as then it seemed to me) opening! And as soon as I had a cold, and I have understood that this night again I will not sleep (it, probably, was for me the heaviest - the hammered nose at night), I have put on a T-shirt, body stockings feet, trainers, and have run round the house. And on the street-25, winter. Back I have returned in minutes 10-15, it was necessary as to run all over not only our house, but also next. It was not cold. The organism warmed up by run did not feel cold. Unless hands have stiffened.

Having washed and высморкав all that was formed during run, I have suddenly understood that I can breathe very well. The nose has not been hammered at all. What is - the virus disease any more did not disturb me. In one day I have got rid of an approaching illness.

Since then jogs in the mornings in one T-shirt became my hobby. In a consequence I have become tempered to such an extent that began to go in a jacket wide open. Hands therefore my outer clothing became a jacket which I do not clasp, and gloves froze only.

Now I am the student of medical university who is considered the best in Kazakhstan. I study on the fourth year. In the mornings I do not run any more, but more warmly than an autumn jacket I still do not put on. A jacket and gloves - my winter clothes. A jacket which I at all do not clasp. Yes, teachers and friends at times call me, to put it mildly, shifted on a phase, but what they can add still if, putting on in winter fur coats and closing a throat, being afraid to drink cold, all of them in some days go with handkerchiefs and loudly cough, and I, the person who from the ninth class does not know the word "scarf" and the phrase "the closed throat", so never and has not fallen ill for the last 7 years?»

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