Stallone and Schwarzenegger have appeared in one chamberLeading news agencies report today about unique incident - two well-known Hollywood actors, repeatedly in time to save the world on TV screens, have at the same time got to hospital. The traumas got by 64-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger and 65-year-old Silvestre Stallone during performance of tricks during shootings of films "Uncontrollable-2" and «The last fight» became the reason of hospitalisation.

The most surprising is not the fact of stay grown wise experience of athletes in hospital (considering specifics of their occupations and age, it at all a surprise), and that they have rung out in one chamber and lie on the next beds. «After a set of kaskadersky tricks has come it is time to pay attention to my shoulder. Also look, who by mere chance has appeared for me in turn on operation!», - in characteristic for it comic style Schwarzenegger on the page has written to the Twitter networks. News was accompanied by the colourful photo which you can see in this material.

Which surgery on a shoulder should be transferred to actors - it is not reported. However it is known that in the nearest future both of them will start shootings in a tape of the Swedish director Mikael Hofstrem "Grave" ("Tomb") «. After operations we will be ready to a new round of an action as during old kind times», - Arnold assures.

As reports a portal, the leading role will be executed by Stallone who will play Ray Breslin, the expert in safety, as a result of combination of circumstances appeared under guards in the prison designed by it. Earlier as candidates for the same role "heroes saviours" Bruce Willis and Schwarzenegger were considered. Arnold, as a result, should embody a role of Chyorcha, one of prisoners of the above described prison on the screen. As you have already guessed, growing old body builders should develop the escape plan from a dungeon. It is necessary to hope that the former governor of California and his present neighbour in chamber remain are whole and safe after performance of the next "impracticable" film task.

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