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Responsible for January interruptions in deliveries of drugsThe head of department of health care of Moscow Leonid Pechatnikov called the companies which, in his opinion, are guilty of lack of some preferential drugs in drugstores.

In reply to 170 complaints of the complaints which have arrived for the first 2 weeks of new year from Muscovites, not managed at the beginning of a year to receive according to recipes free drugs due to them, the head of department has promised to blacklist all violators and not to allow any more them to deliveries of medicines

Among "at fault" there were such large companies as "Biokad", "Servisfarm", the Center of medical innovations, "Farmsib" and "Drugstore Holding"

However some analysts put forward the version that in scandal with deliveries fight signs for repartition of the market of deliveries of preferential drugs are looked through.

Source: Moscow news

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