Quickly to go – more long to liveThe Australian scientists have proved: fast walking promotes essential increase in life expectancy of the person.

1705 men have taken part in experiment at the age from 70 years with approximately identical medical anamnesis. For five years scientists varied every day them standards for speed of walking and carried out monitoring of a condition of their health.

Results have shown that the greatest positive changes in a state of health of members of control group were noted when speed of walking made 1,8 miles/hours (that 2,9 km/h are equal).

Thus, the elderly people who were regularly moving with a speed of exceeding 3 km/h, died less often for 23 % of average indicators. And among those who went every day on foot with speed of 5 km/h, at the moment of research of lethal outcomes it has not been fixed.

Source: Natural News

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