The new medical appendix for iPhoneThe portal "HONEY info" is glad to present to you the new product for users of iPhone.

The HONEY INFO appendix unites in itself directories, base of medical institutions and drugstores in a combination to navigation on the city, and also other useful functionality.

Having installed the application on the iPhone, you can find information on medicine and/or an illness in the corresponding directories, freely passing from one to another. In only a few seconds you will find the hospital next to you, policlinic, fracture clinic or a drugstore, and the program will lay you a route to the chosen point of appointment.

Besides, the appendix can decipher a bar code of any goods, including medicine, to find in the Internet its description and the price. State an assessment to any preparation on its availability, cost and efficiency.

If you drink at present drugs on a regular basis, our program will help you not to forget about the next reception. On each of drugs you can establish to 4 reminders per day. A melody of a remaynder choose on the taste.

Any of the visited pages, whether it be the directory of drugs or diseases, medical institution or the card, you can keep in "Favourites" to open it then and without Internet access.

You can already download the HONEY INFO appendix absolutely free of charge now!

Product video description:

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