Orange juice from Brazil and the USA can be hazardous to healthData on that in the citron juice made of a concentrate, made in Brazil and the USA, the dangerous substance karbendazy is revealed, have been published on the official website of management of the USA on supervision of quality of foodstuff and medicines (FDA).

Karbendazim is a chemical which apply to protection of plants against "a black pyatnistost" (a type of a mould of orange trees)

In this regard the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights will supervise now deliveries to Russia of citron juice from Brazil and the USA. And if in them excess of standards of the contents карбендазима is found, will take the measures directed on the termination of realisation of such juice on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Today the share of Brazil in world volume of supply of orange juice makes more than 60 %.

Source: RIA Novosti news agency

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