Life expectancy in the Russian Federation has exceeded 70 yearsAverage life expectancy in Russia has exceeded 70 years as Vladimir Putin at meeting of presidium of the government has declared, writes RIA Novosti news agency.

Past year growth of this indicator for 1,5 years has been noted, and now it makes 70,3 years. Such figure, according to the prime minister, «is absolutely comparable in European».

The mortality indicator also pleases with the dynamics: its figures have decreased for 5,6 %. Decline in population has fallen approximately in 2 times.

In 2011 in Russia 1,7 million children were born.

Exactly a year ago the deputy minister of health care Veronica Skvortsova at session of WHO argued that only for 2010 average life expectancy has increased for 3 years. However, the Russian Federal Service of State Statistics has counted that the indicator has increased for 3,5 years during the period in 5 years - from 2006 to 2011.

Average life expectancy in the countries of Europe makes more than 75 years.

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