The outbreak of measles has arisen because of violation of sanitary standards in childrens hospitalThe outbreak of measles in St. Petersburg reaches menacing scales: about hundred diseased is registered, reports RIA Novosti news agency.

For the beginning of February 98 people, 75 of them children have been hospitalised, the diagnosis is confirmed with laboratory methods more than at 50 % of the diseased.

The 16-year-old boy who "has brought" a disease from the southern republics became a source of a virus. In the No. Children's city hospital 1 measles have not been diagnosed in time, in spite of the fact that the boy, the pupil of medical college, has warned doctors that communicated with the sister sick with measles. The child have placed in the general chamber. The infection has extended from a source to neighbours in chamber, including on children of the first year of life not imparted on age, further in the next offices and has fallen outside the limits hospital. Now cases of measles are fixed in 10 various parts of the city.

Subsequently the commission of the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights has revealed in hospital multiple violations of health regulations, in particular, absence of isolation of chambers and placement together children of various age.

Комздрав Petersburg has given the instruction on urgent vaccination of physicians from measles, and also has obliged doctors to instruct the parents addressing with children in children's medical institutions what to do for prevention of a disease and where to address in case of contact to the patient.

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