Russians are optimistical in an assessment of the healthThe All-Russia centre of studying of public opinion has published results of researches which passed in a program framework «Healthy Russia». According to them, two thirds of inhabitants of Russia try to care regularly of the health, and 44 % of respondents have estimated its condition as good.

In diet questions our citizens follow two principles: a variety in food and existence in the daily menu of vegetables and fruit. And here they, mostly, do not watch the weight. In the use of salt and fat of do not limit and still do not study a label of products before purchase to know their structure.

As to addictions, that of 38 % of respondents harmful from them consider smoking, but only 24 % dream to get rid of it. 88 % of participants of poll never in life tried drugs, 6 % - sporadic tried "light" drugs and 2 % - only medical preparations without appointment of the doctor.


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