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The outbreak of measles has arisen because of violation of sanitary standards in childrens hospitalThe outbreak of measles in St. Petersburg reaches menacing scales: about hundred diseased is registered, reports RIA Novosti news agency.

For the beginning of February 98 people, 75 of them children have been hospitalised, the diagnosis is confirmed with laboratory methods more than at 50 % of the diseased.

The 16-year-old boy who "has brought" a disease from the southern republics became a source of a virus. In the No. Children's Continue reading

Be active - go on the sea!Dear colleagues!

Annually the third Sunday of June the country celebrates Day of the medical worker. HONEY info has dated competition for this event on "The most active doctor of a site" who will pass on pages of our portal.

Take part in competition doctors and average medical staff can.

In the ending of competition the following prizes will be played:

For the 3rd place in an activity rating - modern Samsung Galaxy Gio Continue reading

Russians are optimistical in an assessment of the healthThe All-Russia centre of studying of public opinion has published results of researches which passed in a program framework «Healthy Russia». According to them, two thirds of inhabitants of Russia try to care regularly of the health, and 44 % of respondents have estimated its condition as good.

In diet questions our citizens follow two principles: a variety in food and existence in the daily menu of vegetables and fruit. And here they, mostly, Continue reading

We congratulate winners of competition of crossword puzzles No. 2!Dear friends! Today we sum up competition «The cleverest!»

Here answers to a crossword puzzle No. 2:


  1. The out-of-date name of precious metal which today on a youth slang call "red" (Gold)
  2. Place where in the winter it is possible to feel the second Tatyana Navka (Skating rink)
  3. The natural phenomenon observed in a hot sunny day at which the image of objects seems distorted because of the Continue reading