In Tomsk will let out a unique sutural materialIn Tomsk there will be the first Russian plant on production of resolving sutural threads on a basis глиоксаля. Since 90th years scientists of Tomsk state university worked on development of technology of receiving глиоксаля - substances of high purity which possesses a wide range of action and low level of toxicity for the person.

The most important materials of medical appointment on a basis глиоксаля are biodecomposed polymers which are used in production of surgical threads. Russia became the eighth country in the world which owns technology of synthesis глиоксаля. Still it apply by production of the explosives, new generation of rocket fuel, etc.

"In Tomsk there is everything to make such technology and to introduce. - one of co-ordinators of the project Alexey Knyazev has reported. - Within the current year we want to fulfil all equipment which is required to us that in 2013 of the device have been started, and we have begun industrial tests».

The following step to work of Tomsk scientists plans creation of the production technology of threads with disinfecting action, sutural materials for various bodies of an organism and t. Will finance the project at the expense of grants and federal target programs within a technological platform (TP) «Future medicine».

Source: RIA Novosti news agency

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