In Russia the law resolving substitute motherhood has come into force.Since January in Russia the law, legaliziruyushchy substitute motherhood operates. Earlier biological parents and the women bearing their child, signed only formal contract: in default one of the parties from the obligations, the affected party was legally absolutely unprotected.

Now basic rights of the parties are fixed at legislative level. People who cannot have children according to medical indications, regardless of can use a method of substitute motherhood, whether they consist in a legal marriage, whether live in civil or are lonely.

But "weaknesses" in the law all the same remained. "The main lack of this law, - according to the lawyer, the director of the Center of the reproductive right and Konstantin Svitnev's ethics, - that mother of the substitute child that woman who bears it is considered. And it is still free to do with these the child everything that will like".

Lawyers are convinced: in view of that substitute motherhood in Russia - procedure expensive (to 1,5 million rubles), is great probability of emergence of disputes between the parties. Therefore it is expedient to make amendments to the legislation on which substitute mother is obliged to give the mature child to genetic parents, and they are are obliged to take away, irrespective of a state of his health at the moment of the birth.


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