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In China measures against the illegal birth of the second children in a familyThe Chinese authorities cover all openings to violators of policy of a planned child-bearing in the country. All citizens of the People's Republic of China, emphasise they, should observe strictly immutable establishment «one family - one child» which in the form of the state demographic course was accepted in China in 1979. Hong Kong became the first victim of toughening of demographic control, where well-founded Chinese women were moved to go to give birth to the second children. It the weaker sex from the rich southern Province of Guangdong which directly borders on the former English enclave especially abused. As the Chinese newspaper «Chayna дейли» has reported, the provincial authorities have rigidly warned that the married couples living on the continent which give life to the second child in Hong Kong, will be mercilessly fined and be exposed to administrative repressions as break policy of planning of a family. Besides, this ulozheniye will extend and on those who will intend to give birth to the second child not in Hong Kong which uses from China a considerable autonomy, and in other country.

According to the statistical data published by the Special administrative region Hong Kong, there in 2010 88 thousand babies were born. More than a half from women in labour - inhabitants of continental China. This year the Hong Kong authorities have allocated a quota only for 34 thousand women in labour from the continent. The Guandunsky authorities welcomed the decision of the Hong Kong administration to reduce a quota for Chinese women who have decided to give birth in Hong Kong, and have urged its authorities to change also tempting point in its Basic law, according to which been born in the former English enclave the view of a constant residence is provided.

Meanwhile this year the continental Chinese women, wished to be resolved from burden in Hong Kong, will face a number of difficulties. First of all, in municipal and private hospitals for them the quantity of beds is reduced and the payment for services at childbirth is raised. The payment has already exceeded 100 thousand Hong Kong dollars (12,9 thousand US dollars). As expected, next year the price will grow more than by 2,3 thousand US dollars. So women even from well-founded families should become thoughtful, whether it is necessary to break one of the fundamental directions of demographic policy of China. The prices grow in Hong Kong, and on the continent married couples expect notable penalties, well and if in a family somebody is a civil servant, and dismissal from service.

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