Charity not in words, and in practiceThe social project the HONEY INFO Internet portal which not so long ago has appeared in the mass media market, already has managed to gain trust of many users. Daily they can get acquainted with topical news and informative articles with possibility of interactive discussion on a site, learn addresses and other information on medical institutions, free of charge consult at doctors of different specialities and look at video interview to leading experts in health care area.

But at the same time our medical portal sets before itself the purpose not only to entertain people, but also to set them thinking on problems of the near. About sick children and old men which often not in forces to help the state. And then to them other people to the aid should come.

Charity not in words, and in practice became long ago one of priority activities "HONEY info". Close cooperation with charity foundation «Happy world» became one of the last projects in this direction.

«The happy world» successfully realises the programs promoting growth of number of children, a recovering after transferring serious oncological, gematologichesky and immunological illness. For implementation of the charitable programs it organises campaigns for attraction of donations of the Russian and foreign legal entities and individuals. Only last year «The happy world» could help really more than 130 to needing families!

In January, 2012 a portal "HONEY info" together with charity foundation «Happy world» have realised the social project connected with placement of important information in municipal policlinics of Moscow. The purpose of a charitable action was to inform to the population information that in the capital there is a special centre of a psychological assistance where it is possible to address free of charge by phone: 8-800-200-07-09 (without days off with 10:00 till 20:00).

For all who owing to various circumstances has got into difficulties, possibility to consult with the doctor, the psychologist or the lawyer can become real "lifebuoy". Especially this service will be actual for families which not by hearsay know that such a problem of children's oncology. So, they will have let tiny, but a hope that everything will be good. And we are very glad that could make the contribution to this noble cause!

Source: JSC JV Service

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