«The healthy city» against McDonaldsLome Linda's residents (California) located in 100 kilometres to the West from Los Angeles, were up in arms against a network of restaurants of a fast food McDonald's, having acted with a sharp protest against opening at them in the city of this snackbar. The construction plan of restaurant has been approved by City council at insignificant majority of votes (3:2). The majority of citizens, nevertheless, sharply condemn a position of local authorities and actively participate in demonstrations and noisy protest actions.
The matter is that it is considered Lome Linda the most "healthy" city of America. This one of five places on a planet with the highest concentration of the long-livers which have overcome a 100-year boundary (the others are on Sardinia, Okinawa, in Costa Rica and Greece). The city is famous for that here do not smoke three decades, trade in licensed alcoholic production and have no serious diseases after 90 years. A half of the population is 23 thousand Adventists of the seventh day which do not drink, do not smoke, do not use some caffeine and practise vegetarianism. Among these people prevalence of a cancer and cardiovascular diseases is smallest.
Doctors from the Medical centre of University of Lome Linda have supported holding a meeting inhabitants. They note that the McDonald's - a symbol of an unhealthy way of life and to fight against it follows in the same way as well as with smoking. However even among vegetarian Adventists there are those who considers what to keep people from infliction of harm to itself(himself) (for example, dinners in the marked snack bar) is the business which is falling outside the limits responsibility of the authorities.
The first McDonald's restaurant has opened in 1940 approximately in eight kilometres from Lome Linda, in the city of San Bernardino. Average life expectancy in this city considerably differs from record indicators of the neighbour and makes only 65 years.

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