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The first charitable diagnostic medical centre of female healthAt the initiative of the spouse of the President of Russia Svetlana Medvedeva in St. Petersburg the first charitable diagnostic medical centre of female health «White rose» has been open.
It is in the territory of the Voskresensky Novodevichy Convent.
Svetlana Medvedev has paid special attention that in it, thanks to joint efforts of the state, church and the public, will render to women a free medical and psychological assistance.

The main task of the new diagnostic centre is prevention and identification of female oncological diseases at an early stage.
On the basis of the centre highly skilled experts in such areas of medicine as will conduct reception: gynecology, mammology, rentgenologiya, etc.

In the future the similar centres will appear and in other regions of Russia. Similar undertakings should draw attention of society to a problem of protection of female health.
It is not excluded that relay race of patronage will be picked up also by representatives of big business. The history of Russia knew many such examples: so, the First town hospital of Moscow has been constructed in 1802 as a clinic for poor on personal means of the prince of D. Golitsyn.

Source: БалтИнфо.ru

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