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The first charitable diagnostic medical centre of female healthAt the initiative of the spouse of the President of Russia Svetlana Medvedeva in St. Petersburg the first charitable diagnostic medical centre of female health «White rose» has been open.
It is in the territory of the Voskresensky Novodevichy Convent.
Svetlana Medvedev has paid special attention that in it, thanks to joint efforts of the state, church and the public, will render to women a free medical and psychological assistance.

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«The healthy city» against McDonaldsLome Linda's residents (California) located in 100 kilometres to the West from Los Angeles, were up in arms against a network of restaurants of a fast food McDonald's, having acted with a sharp protest against opening at them in the city of this snackbar. The construction plan of restaurant has been approved by City council at insignificant majority of votes (3:2). The majority of citizens, nevertheless, sharply condemn a position of local authorities Continue reading

Plastic surgery on a face has relieved the woman of a chronic headacheThe 47-year-old patient from Oxfordshire had migraine from 14 years, and traditional therapy was ineffectual. The woman has addressed for the help to doctor Myulberger from the Operational centre in London.

It has made by it injections ботокса in facial muscles simply to "freeze" them for a start. But to surprise of doctors it has entailed long anaesthetising effect.

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Charity not in words, and in practiceThe social project the HONEY INFO Internet portal which not so long ago has appeared in the mass media market, already has managed to gain trust of many users. Daily they can get acquainted with topical news and informative articles with possibility of interactive discussion on a site, learn addresses and other information on medical institutions, free of charge consult at doctors of different specialities and look at video interview to leading Continue reading