The Mexican doctors nearly have not lost heartThe funny case has occurred in Mexico during a live broadcast on TV of difficult operation on heart transplantation.
The donor heart in all respects suitable for the patient, was only in other region of the country - at distance about 450 kilometres from hospital where there should pass operation.
For its delivery have involved the private plane. Then the physicians accompanying valuable cargo, have changed the police helicopter, and after a landing - in an ambulance car to which was given everywhere «green light».
But already on the way to clinic doors one of physicians has stumbled and has dropped the container in which transported a donor organ. From blow the container has revealed, and heart has fallen to the ground. Under lenses of television cameras it have quickly lifted, have returned on a place and have taken to hospital.
The Mexican doctors have assured that this misunderstanding will not entail operation cancellation as heart is not injured, thanks to three-layer protective packing.

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