Employees of an addiction centre in Perm are condemned for beating of patientsStaff of the Perm charitable rehabilitation centre for the people suffering from drug and alcoholic addiction, has received conditional terms for violent keeping and regular beatings of the patients, reports SK Russian Federation SU across Perm Krai.

«The new generation» - the rehabilitation centre having some branches, works under the aegis of church «New generation» and concerns independent non-profit organisation "Nezavisimost". Vladimir Perepechin, head of two branches of the centre, and his colleague: Maxim Syakin, Sergey Sazonov, Andrey Noskov, Nikita Kazantsev, Mikhail Yukovich and Ivan Lobanov within half a year - since summer 2009 till winter 2010, - were engaged compulsory (at the desire of relatives, but without a consent of the patient) in hospitalisation of people with alcoholic and drug addiction in the centres. Patients contained in very severe constraints. Their bad behaviour the reasons for which were daily, was punished by a beating and a hard work in improper conditions.

Patients could not leave the centre of own will, and were in isolation from one to 6 months, reports RIA Novosti news agency. The charity foundation took from relatives of the lodgers of 8 thousand rubles for every month, and 1 thousand rubles for initial transportation of the patient in their medical institution.

The number of victims of seven criminals on different sources fluctuates from 18 to 23 people.

The court recognised fault of staff of the centre for articles 127, ч.2, points and, g, the criminal code of Russian Federation (the illegal imprisonment made by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement, to application of the subjects used as the weapon, concerning two and more persons), and also 116, p.1 (drawing of a beating), and has sentenced in conditional imprisonment on various term - from 3 to 4 years.

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