On how many shortens life one cigarette?Domestic Ministry of Health is not tired to warn that smoking is hazardous to health. But his western colleagues have decided to study this topical problem in details.

The American researchers have counted up that one smoked cigarette steals from the smoker of 5 minutes of 30 seconds of life.
And if to consider that on the average the heavy smoker smoke 14-18 cigarettes in day, as a whole his life thereby it is shortened for 13-14 years.

It is proved: the standard cigarette contains from 8 to 9 mg of nicotine, and a cigar - 100-200 mg.
The amount of the nicotine being in 5 cigarettes, would be to cause death of the person quite enough.
Fortunately, it does not occur everywhere only because the main part of nicotine is not smoked, and burns down together with a stub.

Source: Reuters.

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