In the Ivanovo area have started to perform free operations on replacement of a crystalline lensThe health care department in Ivanovo with support of the governor of the Ivanovo area of Mikhail Menya and the deputy of the State Duma from Tatyana Yakovleva's Ivanovo area has achieved introduction of a medico-economic standard on surgical treatment of a cataract since January, 2012. Now monthly in the Ivanovo ophthalmologic centre will carry out 100-120 free ophthalmologic operations.

According to the press service of the government of the Ivanovo area, the first 70 free operations on replacement of a crystalline lens of an eye are already successfully carried out. Thus cost of a crystalline lens is paid at the expense of fund of obligatory medical insurance.

Needing operation on crystalline lens replacement to inhabitants of the Ivanovo area now it is not necessary to go to the capital centres, and it is enough to receive the direction in the centre of the doctor-oculist of regional hospital. As to level of equipment and medical technologies of the ophthalmologic centre of the Ivanovo regional clinical hospital, it does not concede to the well-known centre of S. Fedorov in Moscow.

Source: RIA Novosti news agency

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