Victims of a kreshchensky bathingRitual kreshchensky bathings on the night of the January 19, involving believers, adherents of a healthy lifestyle and simply thrill-seekers, this year also have not done without victims. The deputy town governor Peter Biryukov has reported ITAR-TASS that in Moscow to doctors 33 persons have addressed.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, provided to RIA Novosti news agency, medical care was required to 35 people, 13 from them are delivered in hospitals. To two girls rescuers let's drown in an ice-hole of the Khimki reservoir.

In Omsk the 47-year-old bather had a stroke, get out on ice the woman could only by means of rescuers.

This year in Kreshchenye about 90 thousand Muscovites have dived into an ice-hole. Last year 60 thousand people have ventured it only.

As a whole on the country to wash away from itself sins in ice water to nearly 2 thousand well-planned swimming baths more than 300 thousand people have come.

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