The director of the medical centre in Petersburg is threatened by 3 years of imprisonment false referencesThe director of one of commercial medical clinics of St. Petersburg is instituted criminal proceedings according to Art. 324 of the criminal code of Russian Federation («Acquisition or sale of official documents and the state awards»), and also Art. 201 the criminal code of Russian Federation ("Abuse of authority").

Law enforcement agencies have information that it for money wrote out certificates of a state of health to citizens from neighbouring countries which have arrived to Petersburg in job searches.

For obtaining the reference presence of patients was not required, was only the passport and 3 thousand rubles enough. Analyses for them for 500 rubles were handed over by healthy people.

According to the deputy chief of department of the organisation of application of the administrative legislation of UT Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on Andrey Umnov's SZ FO, for this period of investigation already at two citizens who have received references that "are absolutely healthy", the open form of tuberculosis and HIV are revealed. Thus they worked in public catering institutions.
The detained director is threatened by a penalty and imprisonment within 3 years.


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