In Tula region have found violations at medical examinations of recruitsIn Tula region during the check which has been carried out on the indication of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, have revealed violations at medical examinations of recruits in army during statement on the military account, and also at physical examination during service.
The senior assistant prosecutor of area Lyubov Kuznetsova has officially declared: "As a result of the mistakes allowed by specialists doctors according to a state of health of recruits, the unreasonable conclusions about the validity to military service" were taken out.
Based on the results of testing in 2011 on a state of health it has been returned from armies of 12 Tula recruits five of which have been released from involuntary service in connection with the revealed mental diseases. Medical certificates about their validity were accepted by specialists doctors of the invocatory commissions from the different cities and regions of Tula region. Representatives of regional prosecutor's office have put forward the assumption that absence in constant structure of the invocatory commissions of doctors of such specialities, as the neuropathologist, the psychiatrist, the ENT SPECIALIST and the oculist can be one of the reasons of the allowed violations.
After the carried-out investigation two doctors of the invocatory commissions have incurred disciplinary punishment.

Source: "Russian newspaper"

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