The new governmental complex in Hong Kong is attacked by a dangerous bacteriumThe unpleasant surprise expected after New year of employees of an ultramodern building in Hong Kong to which heads of administration of Hong Kong, ministers and the Legislative Council have the day before moved. Sanitary inspection has found there a dangerous bacterium - легионеллу.
It is the activator легионеллеза, which else call "an illness of legionaries». At offices of officials excess of quantity of bacteria in 13 times from admissible norm is fixed.

The bacterium легионелла is the microorganism causing serious pulmonary diseases as pneumonia. For the first time the causative agent of this infection has been fixed in 1976 in Philadelphia when delegates of congress of the American legion became victims of epidemic, as has entitled a disease.
Meanwhile experts note that is absolutely abnormal, when such bacterium is found in a new building. In old houses, in particular, in water supply systems, it can be present, as is capable to breed quickly in warm water. And this building has been put in operation only five months ago and cost to the state treasury more than 700 million dollars.
The minister of education questions has appeared the first victim. At first it has been hospitalised with pneumonia symptoms, and already laboratory researches have confirmed the diagnosis легионеллез. However about epidemic of an illness of legionaries, on assurances of doctors to speak while it is premature.


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