To the newborn in Israel have designed eyelids from an extreme fleshTo the newborn boy who has been given birth without upper eyelids, unusual transplantation has been carried out: new eyelids to the child have been designed from a fabric of his extreme flesh removed in the course of traditional trimming, reports IzRus.

The Israeli newspaper "Ediot Akhronot" writes that the decision to take extreme flesh for transplantation was born at doctors not at once. At first physicians planned to use skin because of an ear or from the interior of a knee, but the extreme flesh, on sensible reasonings, was the most convenient material as it is thinner and elastic, and its change will relieve the boy of unnecessary scars.

Trimming and transplantation were carried out by Boris Orkin, the head of surgical office of Kaplan hospital in Rekhevota.

Operation has been carried out on 5й to week of life of the child. Without surgical intervention an ablefariya, - rare genetic anomaly, - inevitably leads to a blindness as lack of eyelids leads to external injuries of an eye and cornea drying.

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