In the Omsk region surgeons have performed unique operation on an endoprotezirovaniye of a humeral joint.The brigade of doctors of the Clinical medico-surgical centre has performed for the first time operation on an endoprotezirovaniye of a humeral joint on reversive (i.e. return) technologies. It called so because in the course of operation the centre and rotation trajectories in a joint change on the opposite.

In the countries of Europe and the USA this technology is widespread: every year there establish on 100-200 reversive эндопротезов a shoulder on 1 million population. And for the patients of the Omsk region needing similar operation, introduction of new technology became the real pre-New Year's surprise.

Uniqueness of a technique that it gives the chance to restore function even to a joint which is completely destroyed. Restoration of movement is carried out for эндопротеза with an axis of rotation of 360 degrees.

Operation borrows from 1,5 to 2 hours. The forecast is favourable: pain, not only leaves, but also function of a joint is restored in volume, sufficient in order that the patient could serve itself itself in a life.


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