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The doctor have fined for a double inoculation to the childIn Ulan-Ude the prosecutor's office has inspected upon double vaccination of the child in MUSES «City policlinic No. 2».

It has become clear that on permission local pediatrist Bazarova to the 6-year-old school student of a gymnasium No. 108 vaccination against flu has been carried out. But about it in a log-book of preventive inoculations the doctor has forgotten to make the corresponding record. Within a week according to Bazarova's instructions Continue reading

The man from Great Britain has given birth to the sonThe man from Britain has performed operation on floor change then could give birth to the child. The name of "rozhenik", as well as a sex of his partner, is not disclosed. It is known only that he gave birth to the healthy boy.

According to the British doctors, similar successful childbirth it is necessary to consider as rare phenomenon in medicine, despite that it already the third case in world practice.

American Thomas Beatty was Continue reading

2012 is declared in Europe year of active ageingThe European commission has made the decision to designate 2012 as «Year of active ageing of Europeans and understanding between generations».

Today that Europeans live long and differ a good state of health is the admitted fact. It allows elderly Europeans to realise all possibilities and privileges of "gold" age (50 years are more senior)

Before politicians the task is put to increase possibilities for actively growing old population Continue reading

To the newborn in Israel have designed eyelids from an extreme fleshTo the newborn boy who has been given birth without upper eyelids, unusual transplantation has been carried out: new eyelids to the child have been designed from a fabric of his extreme flesh removed in the course of traditional trimming, reports IzRus.

The Israeli newspaper "Ediot Akhronot" writes that the decision to take extreme flesh for transplantation was born at doctors not at once. At first physicians planned to use skin because Continue reading

In Tula region have found violations at medical examinations of recruitsIn Tula region during the check which has been carried out on the indication of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, have revealed violations at medical examinations of recruits in army during statement on the military account, and also at physical examination during service.
The senior assistant prosecutor of area Lyubov Kuznetsova has officially declared: "As a result of the mistakes allowed by specialists doctors according to a state Continue reading

In the Omsk region surgeons have performed unique operation on an endoprotezirovaniye of a humeral joint.The brigade of doctors of the Clinical medico-surgical centre has performed for the first time operation on an endoprotezirovaniye of a humeral joint on reversive (i.e. return) technologies. It called so because in the course of operation the centre and rotation trajectories in a joint change on the opposite.

In the countries of Europe and the USA this technology is widespread: every year there establish on 100-200 reversive эндопротезов a shoulder Continue reading

The new governmental complex in Hong Kong is attacked by a dangerous bacteriumThe unpleasant surprise expected after New year of employees of an ultramodern building in Hong Kong to which heads of administration of Hong Kong, ministers and the Legislative Council have the day before moved. Sanitary inspection has found there a dangerous bacterium - легионеллу.
It is the activator легионеллеза, which else call "an illness of legionaries». At offices of officials excess of quantity of bacteria in 13 times from admissible Continue reading