Casual sex: pros and consStatistically, every third Russian at the age from 25 till 43 years at least once in life had experience of spontaneous sex with the unfamiliar or unfamiliar partner without continuation of the relations. Gynecologists and dermatologists traditionally oppose casual communications, and it does not demand explanations. And here psychologists try to find justifications to such phenomenon. It is especially actual on the eve of New Year's office parties. As, according to the same relentless statistics, more often casual sex occurs during cheerful office celebrations …

The reasons happen different …

If to trust sociological polls, 80 % of the men who had experience of spontaneous sex, take a positive view of it, and 46 % of women suffer then a remorse and are depressed. What pushes women on such reckless experiment? Psychologists allocate 8 typical reasons:

1. Monotony in matrimonial life. When sex in a matrimonial bed turns into routine and any more does not deliver former pleasure. Or the constant partner is conservative and does not want to change the settled traditions: poses, time, place. In this situation any change automatically inspires to the woman hope of fireworks of thrills.

2. Increase of the self-image. If the woman is not sure of itself. It has no constant partner or there was a negative experience of man's criticism («you an insensible log», etc.) And with the stranger «past cargo» does not press this on the woman. She feels more relaxedly and subconsciously aspires to prove, first of all, to itself that «is capable of a lot of things».

3. Mere curiosity. Such motive prevails at women who have received too strict education. Since youth tested on itself total control from parents, especially - mothers. All the acts, including relationship with men, considered through a dogma prism «that the girl from a decent family should not itself allow». Therefore having released from guardianship, they want to make up for lost time under the motto «in this life everything it is necessary to try» to get rid of an inferiority complex.

4. Fear before obligations. It is typical for women, owing to the various reasons (unsuccessful marriage, education of children alone, an unsatisfactory financial position) feeling fear before the long relations with the man. They quite accept a principle «anybody to anybody should nothing», including the general budget, cooking, washing of linen, auscultation of complaints about troubles on work, etc.

5. False concept of freedom. It is characteristic for unduly emancipated women, whose career develops successfully, and time for the device of private life catastrophically does not suffice. The desire to be as equals with the man in everything is expressed in a position «why it is possible for them, and to us is not present?»

6. Crisis of middle age. «It is better so, than in general in any way», - the lonely or dissolved women who have stepped a 40-year boundary consider. It seems to them that for the long serious relations it already to find nobody owing to the age. And panic fear of an approaching old age helps them with the casual partner though short time, but again to feel the real woman.

7. Thirst of career growth. It is peculiar to young women, because of a lack of life experience believing that promptly взбежать on a career ladder it is possible only one way: having passed through a bed of the immediate superior. And spontaneous sex on an office party - the first step in it.

8. Alcoholic intoxication. Alas, the most widespread answer from all which women on anonymous sociological polls on a question «Give that was the determinant which has induced you to sex with the unfamiliar partner?» As the enzymes which are engaged in splitting of alcohol, at women are less active, than at men, they get drunk quicker and lose ability of a critical assessment of the events around.

… And consequences unpleasant

It is known that plentiful alcoholic libations are followed by a heavy hangover. As and in this situation: after noisy evening fun of an office party, clinking of glasses and an abundance of compliments "in private" the feeling of bitter disappointment next day is inevitable. And to the women who have tried sweet "forbidden fruit", it is necessary to be morally ready to it.

  • Disappointment No. 1: STD. These are diseases, sexually transmitted, including hepatitis B and S.Poetomu if you a supporter of spontaneous sex, not superfluous will always have at itself means of emergency contraception, and in 3 weeks it is obligatory to visit the doctor and to make tests (the incubatory period of the majority of these diseases makes from 2 to 3 weeks).
  • Disappointment No. 2: Publicity. If you nature vulnerable, is better not to experiment. In 99 % cases the fact of spontaneous sex on an office party soon becomes general property. And in this case not to avoid offensive sneers, and even dismissal. And if the casual partner is not your fellow worker, the risk of at all increases that in our century of digital technologies your "feat" can be photographed on video and is laid out on the Internet.
  • Disappointment No. 3: Dissatisfaction. Not always your expectations of «mad sex» will be justified. After all and the casual partner too can not possess wide sexual experience and look for in spontaneous sex without "highlight" obligations, hoping for art of the woman.
  • Disappointment No. 4: Unfulfilled hopes. Or «syndrome of the Cinderella». When the woman despite of everything trusts throughout the relations and plans on the future. Psychologists warn that the probability of their realisation is smallest. Therefore before diversifying the intimate life at the expense of spontaneous sex, it is better to address for the help to the doctor-sexologist who can offer other solution of this problem.

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