In Transbaikalia the state and medicineThe drugs containing a codeine and its salts, in drugstores of edge will release according to special recipes.

As the press service of regional parliament, the law adopted on December 14, 2011 at plenary session of parliament reports, will operate until the federal law will come into force. As the chairman of committee on social, youth policy and the labour relations Larissa Anikin has reported, such law regulating prescription holiday of preparations with the small maintenance of a codeine or its salts, is already accepted by the State Duma and will find validity since June, 2012.

«In recent years the question of kodeinovy drug addiction has got a special sharpness and an urgency practically everywhere, - the author of the regional document Larissa Anikin, the member of Edinaya Rossiya fraction makes comments. - Preparations with a codeine are one of components when manufacturing mortally dangerous drug called in the drug addict environment by "crocodile". According to pharmaceutical institutions, in 2007 at our edge slightly more than 48 thousands packages of kodeinosoderzhashchy preparations are realised, and in 9 months 2011 over 229 thousand are sold already. For the same time the quantity only the revealed dezomorfinovy narcobrothels has increased with 1 to 45. The main consumers дезоморфина - young people at the age from 20 till 30 years.

Now the Russian legislation does not limit and does not supervise holiday of kodeinosoderzhashchy drugs that considerably aggravates a narcosituation in the country. The regional bill has been approved by deputies and considered at once in two readings unanimously. The same decision was accepted and under the bill of administrative offences where responsibility for the pharmacists who have broken the law is provided. For officials the penalty will make 50 thousand rubles, for legal - 500 thousand.

Source: press service of Legislative Assembly of Zabaykalsoky of edge: "Dezomorfinovy" law (12/14/2011)

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