Pfizer the pharmacyRepresentatives of the pharmacological company Pfizer have reported that poor-quality contraceptive tablets have by mistake allowed to sale and are compelled to withdraw them from drugstores. The quantity of the rejected preparations reaches million packages.

It is a question of the following tablets: Norgestrel, Lo/Ovral and Ethinyl Estradiol in which sale in the USA the Akrimax Rx Products company is engaged. The rejected series includes 14 Norgestrel parties, 14 Lo/Ovral parties and 14 Ethinyl Estradiol parties. In them the active ingredient dosage that can result in undesirable pregnancy is broken.

As the Pfizer company press service, at present any complaints to the arisen medical problems connected with use of listed medicamentous means argues, did not arrive.

Packings of tablets according to the approved compounding contain tablets with active substances (hormones) - their 21 piece and 7 tablets contain inactive substances. During check the fact of the content of the wrong quantity of tablets of both types was found.

Representatives of the company have called all women using these medicamentous preparations for the purpose of prevention of pregnancy, «immediately to be reinsured by not hormonal methods of contraception». Differently, it is obligatory to use condoms.


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