In Turkey there has taken place first-ever transplantation of three extremitiesIn office of plastic and reconstructive surgery of university clinic of Antalia, Turkey, two most serious operations on January 21 have been performed: transplantation of the person and transplantation of three extremities, reports Associated Press.

One of patients, Atilla Kavdir (Atilla Kavd? r), 23 years ago at the age of 11 years, frightening birds, with metal whetstone has touched wires, and under the influence of a current remained without both hands and one foot. Doctors have suggested Kavdira to replace to it donor extremities. Such operation is unprecedented and no analogues in the world yet has.

The second patient - 19-year-old Ugur Adzhar (Ugur Acar), which person has strongly suffered during a fire. Transplantation of the person is rather new current in surgery, and in Turkey such operations still were never carried out.

As the donor for both operations Ahmet Kaya (Ahmet Kaya) who has lost under train which relatives have signed permission to use of its bodies for transplantation has served.

Two brigades performing operations, totally totaled 25 people. Ugur Adzhar has been operated in 9 hours, Atilla Kavdir - for 12.

On January 22 Kavdir had to remove the replaced foot in connection with reaction of rejection of a transplant. Now condition of both patients the stable.

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