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Casual sex: pros and consStatistically, every third Russian at the age from 25 till 43 years at least once in life had experience of spontaneous sex with the unfamiliar or unfamiliar partner without continuation of the relations. Gynecologists and dermatologists traditionally oppose casual communications, and it does not demand explanations. And here psychologists try to find justifications to such phenomenon. It is especially actual on the eve of New Year's office parties. Continue reading

Fibromialgiya: clinic, diagnosticsFibromialgiya (FM) - the simptomokompleks, being characterised chronic diffuzny musculoskeletal pain, existence of painful points, a depression, dream violation, morning constraint, an adynamy.

Prevalence of FM in the general population makes not less than 4 %. Much more often FM suffer women. Ratio of women and men слставляет 7-10:1. FM can be observed at any age, however the most able-bodied period from 25 to 45 years is prevailing.

Disease Continue reading


Pfizer the pharmacyRepresentatives of the pharmacological company Pfizer have reported that poor-quality contraceptive tablets have by mistake allowed to sale and are compelled to withdraw them from drugstores. The quantity of the rejected preparations reaches million packages.

It is a question of the following tablets: Norgestrel, Lo/Ovral and Ethinyl Estradiol in which sale in the USA the Akrimax Rx Products company is engaged. The rejected series includes Continue reading


In Transbaikalia the state and medicineThe drugs containing a codeine and its salts, in drugstores of edge will release according to special recipes.

As the press service of regional parliament, the law adopted on December 14, 2011 at plenary session of parliament reports, will operate until the federal law will come into force. As the chairman of committee on social, youth policy and the labour relations Larissa Anikin has reported, such law regulating prescription holiday of Continue reading

In Turkey there has taken place first-ever transplantation of three extremitiesIn office of plastic and reconstructive surgery of university clinic of Antalia, Turkey, two most serious operations on January 21 have been performed: transplantation of the person and transplantation of three extremities, reports Associated Press.

One of patients, Atilla Kavdir (Atilla Kavd? r), 23 years ago at the age of 11 years, frightening birds, with metal whetstone has touched wires, and under the influence of a current remained without Continue reading