Competition of interesting medical storiesDear colleagues!

By Day of the medical worker on a portal HONEY info starts one more competition - «An interesting case in practice».

About medics in the people there is a large quantity of the jokes which are not conceding on popularity to jokes about Stierlitz or Chapayev. From a series «Vrach speaks пaциенту:
- At me for вaс 2 news: хорошaя and плохaя. With кaкой нaчaть?
- Дaвaйте from the good.
- This virus we нaзовем вaшим name!
- And bad?
- Vaccines from it yet have not invented …»

It is known that many a true word is spoken in jest. For certain during your professional activity you faced with unusual, and even funny cases? Share them with the colleagues and with visitors of our portal!

The author of the most interesting, witty, and the main thing - an instructive history for patients will receive as a gift the certificate on 5000 rubles from boutique "L'etual" or "Yves Rocher" (at your choice).

What history will take the 2nd place, will receive as a gift the certificate on 3000 rubles.

Taken the 3rd place, becomes the owner of the gift certificate for 1500 rubles.

Place the stories you can in group «An interesting case in practice»

Edition will choose 5 most original, from our point of view, stories, and all wishing can vote for 3 pleasant.

Results of competition will be brought on June 11, and on June 15, on the eve of Day of the medical worker, in edition HONEY info will take place solemn rewarding of winners.

UPD: Due to the holidays summarising of competition is transferred for June 13. Hurry to take part!

We wish good luck!

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