Chaupadis forbidden practice still carries away lives of Nepalese womenSad news have come one of these days from the western Nepal. As «MIGnews» reports referring to Kantipur TV channel, in the country the next case of death of the woman locked in a shed for the period of periods has been fixed. Thus, it became obvious that on the average and the western Nepal, despite a ban of the Supreme court from 2005, still adhere to ancient practice of Hindus - Chaupadi's («Chaupadi») tradition.
Chaupadi's essence that during a menstrual cycle the woman is considered "dirty" and is obliged to live in a shed, a shed, a cowshed, a separate hut or other lonely place without conveniences. It cannot touch the husband (men), trees, pets, vegetables and fruit, it is impossible to accept water procedures, there are dairy products and meat, to enter into the house or the temple. A ration for this time - water, rice and salt. Warm things, blankets and hygienic means to use also it is not authorised.
28-year Munadevi Shahs has been locked in a cowshed within 5 days. According to police, she has died because of overcooling as air temperature constantly went down at this time in a combination to strong snowfalls and the rains which have passed on all country. The United Nations has no exact statistics on quantity of the death caused by Chaupadi, but has data according to which the main reasons for lethal outcomes among the women sent in huts for the period of periods, are dehydration, diarrhoeia, pneumonia and respiratory diseases. Cases of malaria, stings of snakes, scorpions and attack of wild animals are frequent also.
Not less sadly that in the same conditions, according to ancient custom, are obliged to live and women after the delivery. Hardly the kid is born, it, together with mother, banish in the remote shed. Let's remind that in September of last year Nepalese «The Times» was reported about death in the area by Achkham of young Canche Chkhetri and her newborn child. They have lived in a hut for "dirty" only three days. At mother strong bleeding has developed, the temperature has risen, but nearby there was nobody who could assist.

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