Bacon stops nasal bleedingsWhat is necessary to stop bleeding from a nose? One of these days the American otolaryngologists in the magazine Annals in Otology, Rhinology and Larynology have described two unique cases of a stop of heavy bleeding at the 4th summer girl with Glantsman's trombasteniya - the rare frustration, being characterised chronic nasal bleedings.

Quickly to stop a wound make-shifts in house conditions in such cases happens rather difficult. However in both cases zhizneugrozhayushchy bleeding has been stopped by means of usual pork bacon. For this purpose it is necessary to curtail a strip of bacon and to make of it a tampon.

The history of application of salty pork is not new to a stop of bleedings. In 1940 the Dr. of AJ Cone from the Washington Medical University has published a method, under the name «Use of salty pork in gemorragiya cases» which, though it is not so frequent, was used at children with nasal bleedings of a various aetiology in sacred Louis's hospital.

In 1953 the Dr. of Henry Beinfield in Brooklyn has published the treatise on the name «Basic principles of treatment of nasal bleedings» in which it was said that «the salty pork placed in a cavity of a nose, can remain there in a current of 5 days».

However, further the method has not had a wide circulation as because of high probability of development of infectious and parasitic complications, and owing to development of medical equipment.

On materials: Guardian: Bacon - a New Cure for Nosebleeds (1/25/2012)

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