After flu the British has started talking to the French accentIn Great Britain the forty-year resident Birmingham Deby Royston, having fallen ill with flu, at first has lost ability to speak. Having recovered, she has started to speak with the French accent. The British doctors have made it the diagnosis «a syndrome of a foreign accent».

For today in the world 60 cases of this disease are fixed, and treatment for it still is not found. It is not found out till the end and an aetiology of this rare disease. According to the expert in speech dysfunctions of professor Nick Miller from University of Newcastle, injuries of the head, a depression and even psychoses can be the most probable causes of emergence of a syndrome of a foreign accent.

In other Deby Royston feels absolutely healthy, but very much suffers psychologically from the change which have occurred to it. Now she tries to be silent more as only in this condition, "feels former".


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