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Bacon stops nasal bleedingsWhat is necessary to stop bleeding from a nose? One of these days the American otolaryngologists in the magazine Annals in Otology, Rhinology and Larynology have described two unique cases of a stop of heavy bleeding at the 4th summer girl with Glantsman's trombasteniya - the rare frustration, being characterised chronic nasal bleedings.

Quickly to stop a wound make-shifts in house conditions in such cases happens rather difficult. However in Continue reading

Chaupadis forbidden practice still carries away lives of Nepalese womenSad news have come one of these days from the western Nepal. As «MIGnews» reports referring to Kantipur TV channel, in the country the next case of death of the woman locked in a shed for the period of periods has been fixed. Thus, it became obvious that on the average and the western Nepal, despite a ban of the Supreme court from 2005, still adhere to ancient practice of Hindus - Chaupadi's («Chaupadi») tradition.
Chaupadi's essence that during Continue reading

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«Hello! My name is Olga. I am 51 years old. I am a teacher in college. Work washing it is not connected with medicine.

At me варикоз and osteosinging. All, of course, have ideas of these diseases.

A year ago Continue reading

Stallone and Schwarzenegger have appeared in one chamberLeading news agencies report today about unique incident - two well-known Hollywood actors, repeatedly in time to save the world on TV screens, have at the same time got to hospital. The traumas got by 64-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger and 65-year-old Silvestre Stallone during performance of tricks during shootings of films "Uncontrollable-2" and «The last fight» became the reason of hospitalisation.

The most surprising is not the fact Continue reading

The doctor, without grounds opposed inoculations, accuses the unmaskersThe doctor from Great Britain Andrew Ueykfild (Andrew Wakefield) propagandising refusal of inoculations, according to him causing autism, has brought an action against the British Medical Magazine (British Medical Journal) and his two authors for slander, reports CNN.

In 2011 Brian Dir (Brian Deer) and Fiona Godlee (Fiona Godlee) have published some articles in which conscious change of data by Wakefield in medical records of 12 patients was proved Continue reading

After flu the British has started talking to the French accentIn Great Britain the forty-year resident Birmingham Deby Royston, having fallen ill with flu, at first has lost ability to speak. Having recovered, she has started to speak with the French accent. The British doctors have made it the diagnosis «a syndrome of a foreign accent».

For today in the world 60 cases of this disease are fixed, and treatment for it still is not found. It is not found out till the end and an aetiology of this rare disease. Continue reading

become tougher

In China measures against the illegal birth of the second children in a familyThe Chinese authorities cover all openings to violators of policy of a planned child-bearing in the country. All citizens of the People's Republic of China, emphasise they, should observe strictly immutable establishment «one family - one child» which in the form of the state demographic course was accepted in China in 1979. Hong Kong became the first victim of toughening of demographic control, where well-founded Chinese women were Continue reading

The American left a coma for an hour before the planned shutdown of life support systemsThe 21-year-old student of university Sam Schmidt from the State of Arizona has hard suffered during accident in October, 2011. Doctors did not manage to deduce it from a coma. Soon at it verified death of a brain.

In the middle of December to relatives of the hopeless patient have suggested to sign a consent to withdrawal of its internal for the donor purposes. But for an hour until when the young man should disconnect from the devices which Continue reading

Two sober days in a weekAs report news agencies, members of the British parliament recommended to inhabitants of the country to drink alcohol not 7 days in a week but only 5, with a break at least in two days, it is reported in the report of committee on a science and technology of the House of Commons of parliament of Great Britain.
The nations anxious with health, representatives of parliament have expressed concern to that citizens of the British crown drink too much. Continue reading

In Russia the law resolving substitute motherhood has come into force.Since January in Russia the law, legaliziruyushchy substitute motherhood operates. Earlier biological parents and the women bearing their child, signed only formal contract: in default one of the parties from the obligations, the affected party was legally absolutely unprotected.

Now basic rights of the parties are fixed at legislative level. People who cannot have children according to medical indications, regardless of can use a method of substitute Continue reading