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How to grow thin after the delivery:Every second young mother after the delivery faces a problem of excess weight. While the kid is on chest feeding, cannot be and speeches about rigid diets. On visits of fitness clubs there is neither time, nor superfluous means more often. And on house sports activities simply there are no forces. How to grow thin after the delivery with the smallest expenses and without harm for the child? The answer is simple, as Continue reading

Communication of IBS with a cancer of a prostateThe American scientists have found out that atherosclerosis of vessels of heart is risk factor of a cancer of a prostate gland, reports EurekAlert!. Research was carried out by group of experts under the direction of Jean-Alfred Thomas II (Jean-Alfred Thomas II) from Dyyuk's University in Northern Carolina.

Researchers have studied the given nearly 6,4 thousand white Americans at which malignant tumours of a prostate gland have been revealed. Continue reading

Zalmanovs curative bathsThe name of doctor Alexander Zalmanov became widely known at us only at the end of the XX century when in drugstores there were skipidarny emulsions invented by it for baths. In due time he even was Lenin's personal doctor. And modern scientists are declined to that the way to extension of term of human life should be looked for in Zalmanov's works …

Magic power of a pine

A.Zalmanov has made discovery that the main reason of diseases and an Continue reading

After flu the British has started talking to the French accentIn Great Britain the forty-year resident Birmingham Deby Royston, having fallen ill with flu, at first has lost ability to speak. Having recovered, she has started to speak with the French accent. The British doctors have made it the diagnosis «a syndrome of a foreign accent».

For today in the world 60 cases of this disease are fixed, and treatment for it still is not found. It is not found out till the end and an aetiology of this rare disease. Continue reading

In the previous parts we have in detail considered features and bases of the differential diagnosis of changes of a form and the sizes of nails. In two parts of the real work main types of change of colouring of a nail plate and the surrounding fabrics are presented, quite often helping not only it is correct to establish the diagnosis, but in certain cases, for example at timely detection of a polosovidny melanonikhiya, - in due time to distinguish Continue reading

The thought has passed the law on lifelong terms and castration of pedophilesIn the third reading the State Duma has passed the law on castration of pedophiles, writes RIA Novosti news agency.

The persons convicted of pedophilia (this term is entered for the first time into domestic criminal law) concerning children and the teenagers who have not reached 14 years, castrations by chemical methods will be exposed.

Conditionally early release will be already possible only after serving of the four fifth term, instead of Continue reading

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In China measures against the illegal birth of the second children in a familyThe Chinese authorities cover all openings to violators of policy of a planned child-bearing in the country. All citizens of the People's Republic of China, emphasise they, should observe strictly immutable establishment «one family - one child» which in the form of the state demographic course was accepted in China in 1979. Hong Kong became the first victim of toughening of demographic control, where well-founded Chinese women were Continue reading

The device will be actively applied to not surgical removal of an extreme flesh in AfricaThe Israeli scientists have invented the device for bloodless trimming which will be delivered to the countries of Africa. Management on control over products and medicines (FDA) of the USA has officially approved its application, reports The New York Times.

The purpose of export of the device to Africa which plans to organise Bill and Melinda Gates's Fund, is HIV prevention among local population.

According to results of the long and large-scale Continue reading

Vladimir Putin plans to forbid smoking in public placesOn January 12 in the Network the "Program 2012-2018" being the project of an election program of the candidate for president of the Russian Federation of Vladimir Putin has been published. «We will put a reliable barrier of drug addiction. Let's toughen responsibility for sale of alcoholic and tobacco production to the minors. Let's impose a ban on smoking, advertising of cigarettes and alcohol in public places», - it is told in the document.
The Continue reading

Analogues of expensive drugsOften doctors appoint to patients expensive preparations though there are their cheaper analogues which have not been so advertised on television and on the Internet, but with identical properties and mechanisms of impact on an organism. The person having any illness and trusting to medical institution, infrequently reflects on an economic benefit and possibility to get more available medicine, is obedient carrying the written-out recipe in a drugstore. Continue reading