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The place of the head of committee of health care of PetersburgThe head of committee of health care of St. Petersburg has been compelled to leave the post, reports Interfax. Yury Shcherbuk has been dismissed on February 1. Its chair is occupied temporarily by the first deputy - Vladimir Zholobov.

The governor of Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko criticised earlier Shcherbuk for lack of an assessment of efficiency of the new equipment provided by the budget in medical institutions of the city and Continue reading

That will cure Article dirtToday even more often in resorts it is possible to meet the people who are smeared in dirt completely and blindly believing in its curative force. Whether so it actually and if yes, that how to define, which dirt approaches in a concrete case?

Historical background

Mud cure or peloidoterapiya (from Greek pelos - "clay, dirt" and therapeia - "treatment") is the method of treatment based on application of dirt of a mineral Continue reading

It will be possible to define a sex of future child on 5-6 week of pregnancyToday authentically to define a sex of future child it is possible only for 23-25 weeks of pregnancy by means of ultrasonography. But the American scientists from Female medical hospital in Boston have declared that in the near future it becomes already possible on 5-6 week of pregnancy.

The new type of testing in which 6,5 thousand pregnant women have taken part, passes now a final stage of tests. Accuracy of definition with its help of a sex Continue reading

Room lemon – a source of vitaminsLemon not casually call «the king of fruit»: very few people can argue with it by amount of vitamins and useful substances. Especially in the winter when our organism is weakened and subject to virus infections. Certainly, today lemons can be bought in any shop. Whether but, on the other hand, it is not enough, from where it "has arrived", before has got on a counter, and than it have processed, that has more long remained? The exit is Continue reading

New way of treatment of burns on a face the scienceEngineers from university of Arlington together with military surgeons have invented a new way of treatment of burns on a face. They have suggested to use the BioMask technology - the polymeric masks accelerating regeneration of skin and healing of burns on a face.
According to experts, the BioMask technology is a mask with the built-in electric, mechanical and biological components. Also it includes sensors for treatment monitoring by means of Continue reading

Brain the scienceThe group of neurologists has established: if the person does not feel any part of a body as the, the immune system in a special way reacts to it, perceiving this part as alien, writes Medical Express.

This opening throws light on autoimmune diseases at which immunity attacks a human body, schizophrenia, a stroke, autism, epilepsy, anorexia and bulimia. So, during two experiments professor Lorimer Mousli from the Australian research neurologic Continue reading