Fibroz – is reversible!The doctor of medical sciences Chavdar Savovich Pavlov has made on All-Russia the Internet the Congress of experts in internal diseases the report in which has expressed confidence that doctors can shortly win фиброз. «A recovery problem at chronic diseases of a liver are defined by two main conditions: radical elimination of the reason of suffering and convertibility of the fabric changes which have developed during an illness», - it has quoted Continue reading

Syndrome of the manager, or «Flu of the yuppie»No, it not the new name for bird flu. So doctor-therapist Paul Cheney called a disease from which in the West, suffer more and more men. Yuppies are young, succeeding and self-assured people who have everything: work, the car, the flat, money and … fatigue which does not pass even after rest.
The diagnosis «a syndrome of the manager» as the version of a syndrome of chronic fatigue, a thicket of others strikes men from 25 to 40 years possessing Continue reading

The tender for development of electronic medical cards is won for one rubleThe Rostelecom company has won the tender for development of an electronic medical record and services necessary for it, having suggested to perform work for 1 ruble, the Businessman reports.

On implementation of the program of information of the health care which purpose in particular is maintaining all medical documentation on computers and its storage in the general base to which all necessary experts as well in other medical institutions, Continue reading

Americans stand up for bald Barbies releaseIn the USA mothers of the girls deprived of hair as a result of chemotherapy of a cancer, insist on release of a new, bald Barbie doll, writes MSNBC.

Activists have created Beautiful and Bald Barbie community in the social Facebook network in which have published the appeal to the company making popular dolls. Women explain the requirement desire to improve adaptation in society of girls, cancer patients, a trikhotillomaniya (when children pull Continue reading

The use of a dogrose reduces risk of emergence of heart troublesHips are known for the salutary action at cold because of the big content of vitamin C in them. But it has become clear, as for prevention of cardiovascular diseases the dogrose too does not have the equal.

The Swedish scientists from University Lund have made experiment: within six weeks the group of the volunteers inclined to completeness, daily drank the drink prepared with use of 40 g of an istolchenny dogrose.

Experts conducted monitoring Continue reading

The arterial hypertension is not at the bottom of dizzinessesWhile at the majority of people the head is turned on February 14 from love, doctors solve not less serious problem of therapy of similar violations at an arterial hypertension. The corresponding report was made on All-Russia the Internet the Congress of experts in internal diseases by the doctor of medical sciences, professor Olga Dmitriyevna Ostroumova.

As it has appeared, among the symptoms some hundred diseases have dizziness. Such complaint Continue reading

Stallone and Schwarzenegger have appeared in one chamberLeading news agencies report today about unique incident - two well-known Hollywood actors, repeatedly in time to save the world on TV screens, have at the same time got to hospital. The traumas got by 64-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger and 65-year-old Silvestre Stallone during performance of tricks during shootings of films "Uncontrollable-2" and «The last fight» became the reason of hospitalisation.

The most surprising is not the fact Continue reading

How to cure coughSo, if you have become interested in a question of how to cure cough, therefore, this unpleasant symptom haunts you or your relatives. First of all, we recommend to define, what of numerous types of cough you have faced, as the choice of optimum treatment will depend on it. Let's remind that simply cough divide into two groups: productive (with a phlegm) and unproductive (dry). The main treatment of dry cough is directed on translating "useless" Continue reading

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Competition of readers storiesHello, dear visitors of our portal!

We finished competition of reader's stories in which we play iPad and iPhone.

Today we will publish some more fine stories received from our readers. Any of them can win a prize!

You also can express the opinion in comments.
Results will be brought on January 12.

Attention! On January 20 - the last day when you can vote for the pleasant history! On Monday, January 23, names of Continue reading

The doctor, without grounds opposed inoculations, accuses the unmaskersThe doctor from Great Britain Andrew Ueykfild (Andrew Wakefield) propagandising refusal of inoculations, according to him causing autism, has brought an action against the British Medical Magazine (British Medical Journal) and his two authors for slander, reports CNN.

In 2011 Brian Dir (Brian Deer) and Fiona Godlee (Fiona Godlee) have published some articles in which conscious change of data by Wakefield in medical records of 12 patients was proved Continue reading