Vladimir Putin plans to forbid smoking in public placesOn January 12 in the Network the "Program 2012-2018" being the project of an election program of the candidate for president of the Russian Federation of Vladimir Putin has been published. «We will put a reliable barrier of drug addiction. Let's toughen responsibility for sale of alcoholic and tobacco production to the minors. Let's impose a ban on smoking, advertising of cigarettes and alcohol in public places», - it is told in the document.
The bill limiting distribution and the use of tobacco production, has been developed by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation in 2011. He forbids smoking in any institutions and establishments, and also on all types of public transport, limits it at entrances of houses, prisons and a pre-trial detention centre, reports medico-social information of AMI-TASS. The bill provides introduction of the minimum retail prices for cigarettes, and also their annual growth exceeding a rise in prices for food.
The edition «Actual comments» reminds that earlier Vladimir Vladimirovich declared: it is necessary to fight against smoking by complex measures, and not just a radical ban. «Restrictions, of course, should be, but here it is impossible to go too far, because a sharp ban the problem will not be solved», - quotes a portal of a word of the candidate for president. Vladimir Putin also has cited as an example unreasonableness of similar measures the antialcoholic company of the 1980th years when the stop of production of high-quality alcohol has led to moonshining development.
Among the other actual tasks concerning health of citizens, Vladimir Putin has allocated development of accurate rules of rendering of medical care, equipment of hospitals by the modern equipment, development of a domestic production of pharmaceutical means, creation of programs of utilisation of garbage, improvement of quality of water and air, preservation of the woods, and also promotion of a healthy food and promoting of a sports way of life. The prime minister predicts growth of salaries and responsibility of doctors, and also is going to make living conditions of disabled people on all country favourable.

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