The thought has passed the law on lifelong terms and castration of pedophilesIn the third reading the State Duma has passed the law on castration of pedophiles, writes RIA Novosti news agency.

The persons convicted of pedophilia (this term is entered for the first time into domestic criminal law) concerning children and the teenagers who have not reached 14 years, castrations by chemical methods will be exposed.

Conditionally early release will be already possible only after serving of the four fifth term, instead of its three quarters. Submitting the petition for UDO or mitigation of punishment, criminals will have the right to ask now about castration. Their wish will be considered by petition consideration.

For the persons who have made violent acts of sexual character over children till 14 years, from now on cannot "conditionally" be punished, and for tyrants of children who have not reached 12 years, and also for recidivists lifelong imprisonment is entered. Besides, now for court will not matter, whether the pedophile realised age of the victim.

Commission of unisex sexual actions with children and teenagers to 16 years also is a serious crime. More severe measures for pornography distribution with children or among children, and for its manufacturing with participation of children are reconsidered and entered.

The draught of amendments in the Criminal code was presented to the State Duma by Dmitry Medvedev in the summer of last year.

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