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The place of the head of committee of health care of PetersburgThe head of committee of health care of St. Petersburg has been compelled to leave the post, reports Interfax. Yury Shcherbuk has been dismissed on February 1. Its chair is occupied temporarily by the first deputy - Vladimir Zholobov.

The governor of Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko criticised earlier Shcherbuk for lack of an assessment of efficiency of the new equipment provided by the budget in medical institutions of the city and inflated prices when purchasing medicines for exempts, reports «the Echo of Petersburg». According to the data published in the press, preferential preparations were bought at cost, on a third above the due. At the last meeting of the government on January 24 Poltavchenko was not pleasant positive tone of the report of head комздрава in connection with discrepancy of its real situation with health care in the city and numerous complaints from the population.

Before occupying a chair of the head of committee on health care Sherbuk was the deputy chief of Army medical college of Kirov. On the last position he was late for 9 years - that is for all term of a governorship of Valentina Matviyenko.

According to the Izvestiya newspaper the most probable candidates for a post left by Shcherbuk, are: Sergey Scherbak, chief physician of hospital No. 40 of the Resort area and Albert Polyanin, chief physician of clinics of MAPO. And by data to "Fontanka.Ra" - Andrey Korolyov, the chief physician of policlinic of No. of 5 Executive officers of the president of the Russian Federation.

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