The Ministry of Public Health and Social Development has decided on paid treatmentThe Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of Russia has prepared the draught document which Rules of granting to patients are defined by the medical organisations of paid medical services.

According to the law Ā«About bases of health protection of citizensĀ», the state guarantees that free there is a primary medicosanitary help, including, specialised. Hospitalisation on doctor's orders, the ambulance, hi-tech treatment are included also into the program of state guarantees.

It is necessary to pay for receiving the help which has not been provided by the program of state guarantees and also in case the patient is not insured in compulsory health insurance system or wants to receive treatment anonymously.

The basis for rendering of paid medical services is the desire of the patient. Thus necessary information on possibility of receiving medical care free of charge within the Program (territorial programs) state guarantees should be provided to it in an available form.

Paid medical services by the state and municipal medical organisations are carried out in case rendering of the specified services is provided by constituent documents.

The performer is obliged to render the paid medical service defined by the Contract, with use of own medicines, expendables, products of medical appointment, the medical equipment, etc. if other is not provided by the Contract.

The price-list of the prices for rendered medical services is established according to the legislation of the Russian Federation. Individual businessmen establish cost of paid medical services independently, the press service of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of Russia reports.


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