That will cure Article dirtToday even more often in resorts it is possible to meet the people who are smeared in dirt completely and blindly believing in its curative force. Whether so it actually and if yes, that how to define, which dirt approaches in a concrete case?

Historical background

Mud cure or peloidoterapiya (from Greek pelos - "clay, dirt" and therapeia - "treatment") is the method of treatment based on application of dirt of a mineral and organic origin and gryazepodobny substances (paraffin, ozokerite, etc.) Is applied in medicine in the form of mud baths and applications.

Mud cure has centuries-old history. Still ancient Egyptians widely used silt after flood of Nile for treatment of many diseases. They smeared sick parts of a body with oozy deposits of Nile and warmed up them on the sun.

In Russia curative properties of dirt are known since the beginning of the XIV century. On a legend, once two brothers, wishing to get rid of the seriously ill patient of the younger brother, have buried it up to a neck in dirt on the desert coast of the Saksky lake then have left him there to the mercy of fate. In some days wandering monks have dug out the sufferer, but it … was absolutely healthy!

At the beginning of the XIX century mud cure has received scientific justification. Such known practical doctors, as N. N. Burdenko and N Ф. Filatov have established that dirt possesses active anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action because of bacteriophage existence in them (the substance promoting dissolution of bacteria).

Medical dirt has positive impact at chronic inflammations and pains, mud cure has also biostimulating effect (makes active a metabolism and cell renewal), promoting removal from an organism of excess of liquid and toxins. Mud procedures create feeling of a full relaxation and pleasant languor that well affects a condition of nervous system.

As it works

Medical dirt (or silt) represents bluish-black oily, viscous weight with a hydrogen sulphide smell. It was formed as a result of interaction of salty lake water and fossils of a vegetative and animal origin. Its structure includes lipids: saturated and nonsaturated fat acids, steroids, vitamins C, B1, Е, В6, RR, В12, D, каротиниды, and also 19 names of amino acids (валин, тирозин, аланин, etc.). At one time was considered that for mud cure the temperature of a mud bath has crucial importance. But in the XX century scientists have disproved this hypothesis since good results received and at baths with low temperature (38-41 ° C).

Mud cure is recommended at diseases and consequences of traumas of the musculoskeletal device, radiculitises and neuralgia, diseases of an internal (chronic bronchitis, gastritis, stomach ulcer of a stomach and a duodenal gut, a disease of a liver, intestines, a gall bladder), skin diseases (psoriasis, an alopetsiya); ENT specialist diseases (antritises, chronic tonsillitis).

And here as the main contra-indications for a peloidoterapiya consider the following diseases:

  • aggravation of chronic inflammatory processes;
  • system diseases of blood; tendency to bleedings; good-quality and malignant new growths;
  • expressed тиреотоксикоз;
  • endometriosis;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • hypertension of the II-III Art.

In house conditions

Mud procedures are released only on doctor's orders after careful clinical inspection. The most known mud resorts are in Ukraine, in the Crimea (to Saki, Feodosiya, Evpatoria, Odessa), on the bank of the Sea of Azov (Kerch), in the Carpathians (Truskavets, Morshino), and also on Altai and in Israel (Dead Sea).

But today it is unessential to go on the resort since many types of medical dirt are on sale in a drugstore, in convenient disposable packages. And if you have consulted with the doctor and have received "good", to carry out improving procedures it is possible and in house conditions. For this purpose it is necessary to put dirt in a warm look with a thick layer on the struck places, to wrap up a polyethylene film, to cover with a towel, and from above to wrap up with a blanket. Then to wash away in 25 minutes warm water (without soap!). After procedure it is necessary to have a rest 30 minutes in a warm room, having taken cover an easy blanket. Course of 8-12 procedures. After the first 2-3 procedures there can be "a balneal reaction", i.e. the small aggravation of symptoms of a disease is a normal reaction of an organism. The repeated course of mud cure can be carried out not earlier than in 3 months. Recommended frequency of mud therapy - 2 times a year.

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