Room lemon – a source of vitaminsLemon not casually call «the king of fruit»: very few people can argue with it by amount of vitamins and useful substances. Especially in the winter when our organism is weakened and subject to virus infections. Certainly, today lemons can be bought in any shop. Whether but, on the other hand, it is not enough, from where it "has arrived", before has got on a counter, and than it have processed, that has more long remained? The exit is - to grow up a lemon … on the window sill.

Also will feed …

The lemon, generally consists of water and lemon acid. Along with vitamin C, the lemon contains vitamins A, В1, В2, and D. In pulp of a fruit pectinaceous substances, salts of potassium, copper, other microcells are found. In a peel contain vitamin P (or цитрин - characteristic only for a citrus), flavonovy glycosides, кумарины and ситостерол.

Lemon widely use in cookery for preparation of healthy food. So, lemon juice it is best of all to "extinguish" soda for a batch instead of vinegar. The dried peel of a lemon is good for making in the winter together with herbal teas for immunity strengthening. And in hot weather a lemon - a fine basis for house lemonade which is especially useful to children instead of store aerated water. For its preparation it is required: 1 lemon, 1л boiled chilled water, 2 tablespoons of honey. Squeeze out juice of a lemon in a decanter with water, add there honey and carefully mix. Add cubes of food ice and decorate ready lemonade with peppermint leaflets.

Also will treat

In medicine a lemon widely applied still in the ancient time. Avicenna considered a lemon as the best medicine at heart troubles, recommended to use it in food to pregnant women and patients with jaundice. Egyptians used it for neutralisation of the poisoned food and at typhus epidemics. Europeans in the Middle Ages applied it to prevention of plague, malaria and fever. And today, besides all-strengthening, anti-catarrhal and clearing means, a lemon successfully apply in cosmetology, an aromatherapy and dietology

Traditional medicine has added long ago to the arsenal recipes with lemon use.

So, at quinsy squeeze out juice of several lemons in a small pan and warm up on slow fire, without leading up to boiling. Add 1 tablespoon of honey and stir slowly, it will not be dissolved yet. Filter broth and accept warm on 2 tablespoons, previously 2 minutes rinsing it a throat. Within an hour after reception of broth drink nothing.

To hypertension and stroke prevention successfully apply broth of a lemon peel. Fill in 2 tablespoons of the dried-up or fresh peel лимона400 гводы, will boil on weak fire in the closed ware half an hour, let's be drawn 10 minutes at room temperature, filter and accept по100 г3 once a day in 30 minutes prior to food.

Fine tonic at avitaminosis and increased fatigue is the mix of 1 h. spoons of lemon juice of 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and 1 h. spoons of honey which recommend to drink on an empty stomach daily within 7-10 days in the mornings.

It is not recommended to use lemons at:

  • allergies to a citrus
  • stomach ulcer of a stomach and duodenal gut,
  • энтеритах,
  • colitis,
  • exacerbations of inflammatory diseases intestines,
  • cholecystitis,
  • hepatitis
  • sharp nephrite.

How it to grow up?

As medical properties only mature fruits, and not become overripe in any way possess, for these purposes the lemon can be grown up independently. In house conditions the lemon tree is capable not only it is beautiful to blossom, but also to fructify. There are many grades of a room lemon, but for cultivation «on a window sill» the most suitable is "Meyer's" Chinese dwarfish lemon, differing the increased frost resistance and high productivity.

Besides the room lemon well influences people with diseases of cardiovascular system: it фитонциды revitalise a room microclimate, improve health and stimulate working capacity.

Outwardly this small plant (height до1,5 m), with roundish compact krone and small quantity of prickles. Buds and a flower are collected in clusters. On a three-year plant the first fruits can already ripen. To look after a room lemon simply: it is necessary to support at least 60 % of humidity of air in a room and to provide intensive 12-hour lighting, having established в10 смот the top leaves of a tree a powerful luminescent lamp (or a special lamp for plants - "Reflaks"). The lemon loves light. In the summer it is necessary for taking out on open air (it is possible and on a balcony). And that in the winter yours «the king of fruit» was not lost, humidity of air should be raised. For this purpose it is possible to use an electrohumidifier or - more economical way: to put on the battery of a central heating under a window sill a wet terry towel and to lower one its end in a basin with water.

In the summer plentiful watering, and in the winter, on the contrary, the moderate is necessary for a plant. To blossom and well oblistvenny plant can fructify only, i.e. on 1 flower (fruit) there should be not less than 10-15 leaves. Then the good harvest is guaranteed to you.

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