Golikova has obliged regions to provide drugs for patients with rare diseases since January 1, 2012Since January 1, 2012 patients with rare diseases will be supplied without fail with drugs at the expense of regional budgets, reports RIA Novosti news agency.

On council of the rights of patients the head of Ministry of Health Tatyana Golikova has categorically declared that patients with orfanny diseases will receive medical preparations according to законодательсву, despite of the bureaucratic moments as that - whether they are brought in the register or not.

Golikova has reported that Ministry of Health at the moment hastily forms the federal list of the patients needing free supply by drugs after which drawing up also there will be also a list of necessary preparations. Proceeding from contents of the second document, entering of additions into the federal list can be demanded.

As has reported Valentin Shirokov, the head of development department of medical aid to children and obstetric aid services, the first version of the list of the diseases which are considered orfanny, included 86 names. Proceeding from addresses of the patients coming to the Ministry, the list it will be supplemented.

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