The salary of staff of the Moscow medical institutions will pay off in a new wayIn February of the future year in some Moscow LPU starts the pilot project of capital department of health care on introduction of new system of compensation of medics.

The salary of doctors will develop of several components: a base salary with factors for qualification, plus compensatory and stimulating extra charges.

The qualifying factor will be estimated depending on vocational training, experience, need and complexity of activity of the doctor. The extra charge for the highest category will not exceed a half of a base salary, for the first - it is no more than 40 %, for the second - it is no more than 30 %.

Compensatory extra charges are charged for special working conditions, and also for harm, the state secret and work in rural areas.

Stimulating payments will depend on intensity and overall performance, existence of ranks and scientific degrees, and also will stand out to young specialists.

The salary of the head of medical institution from now on depends on its salary of the subordinated. Head of LPU cannot receive more than the trebled average salary of the personnel. Compensation of his deputies and the chief accountant will be for 10-30 % less salary of the head.

Depending on results of the pilot project which will be estimated by the end of 2012, such system of calculation of a salary can be entered everywhere.

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